Dane Beardsley Bike Check

Name: Dane Beardsley
Age: 31
Location: Athens, Georgia
Sponsors: DK Bicycles, Same Thing Daily
Height: 5’11”

Frame: DK Team, custom 19″
Fork: DK RT
Headset: FSA
Stem: DK Alpha
Handlebars: DK Crazy 8
Grips: DK Tsuka
Rear Tire: Odyssey Frequency G, 1.85″
Front Tire: Odyssey Frequency G, 1.85″
Rear Wheel: Profile Shell, Nankai internals, DK Evolution Rim
Front Wheel: DK Hub, DK Orbit Rim
Cranks: DK Social
Pedals: DK Plastic
Chain: KMC
Sprocket: Profile Imperial 24t
Seat: Macneil OG
Post: Macneil Pivotal
Pegs: Tree Flatland

How come you don’t run zero offset forks?
I like it to feel like a BMX bike. With the 19 inch top tube it’s already short.

What’s up with those Tree pegs?
They were the greatest flatland peg ever and now they don’t make them anymore. They made them for a couple years. They should make them again. That’s the last pair.

Do you run through pegs often?
I’d say once a year. They dent down on the ends, you know? Then they get sharp and the grip goes bad on them too. It wears off.

How long have you had that Macneil seat on there for?
[Laughs] Travis Collier hooked me up with that a while back. He gave me two of them and that’s my second one so…I do backwards tricks a lot and go through a lot of seats. I’m pretty hard on them.

I cut the flanges on my grip, and do the Drew Bezanson thing between the bottom bracket and sprocket. (Editor’s note: a grip flange between the sprocket and bottom bracket) It helps the freecoaster not engage. They do it for tailwhips, but it helps the freecoaster a bit. Thanks Drew!

Everyone at DK Bicycles.