Craig Passero Bike Check

Name: Craig Passero
Sponsors: Stranger, Primo, Lotek, OSS, BMXFU

Photos by Jeff Zielinski

Frame: Stranger Dream Machine, 20.75″
Fork: Primo Kamikaze
Headset: Primo
Stem: Stranger Stem Cell
Handlebars: Primo Samsquantch
Grips: Primo Twit
Tires: Primo V-Monster, 2.25
Rear Wheel: Primo Remix Hub, Primo Balance Rim
Front Wheel: Primo N4FL Hub, Primo Balance Rim
Cranks: Primo Hollowbite, 175mm
Pedals: Primo PC
Chain: Cult
Sprocket: Stranger
Seat: Stranger
Post: Primo Pivotal
Clamp: Integrated
Pegs: Primo Plastic

Any special modifications?
I cut down my bars to 26-27 inches, give or take, and cut down the dropouts and fork.

What do you go through the fastest?

What are your favorite parts on the bike?
The frame and the wheels.