Cory Wiergowski Bike Check

Name: Cory Wiergowski
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 190lbs
Sponsors: Albe’s, Sunday Bikes, and Division Tattoo Studio

Frame: Sunday Soundwave, 21″ top tube
Fork: Sunday
Headset: Odyssey
Stem: Sunday Freeze
Handlebars: Sunday Tall Ts
Grips: Sunday
Tires: Odyssey Aaron Ross
Rear Wheel: GSport Ratchet, GSport Rim
Front Wheel: Odyssey Vandero Hub, Odyssey Hazard Light Rim
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolts
Pedals: Cult PC
Chain: Odyssey Bluebird
Sprocket: Sunday
Seat: Season
Post: Sunday Lil Stumpy
Clamp: Sunday
Pegs: Animal Butcher

Where are you living at these days? You’ve been sort of all over, am I right?
I moved back to Detroit, Michigan about three months ago.

Where were you at prior to that?
Phoenix, Arizona for about seven months.

Is that where you filmed a lot of your Hunt stuff at or was that kind of all over?
All over Arizona, Long Beach/Los Angeles area of California, then went to Denver for 12 days and the homie Justin Arp showed us around there. Then, Michigan for two weeks.

You’re currently in Austin, Texas. Have you ever spent time here before or is this one of your first times here?
This is my first time here.

Are you stoked for Texas Toast to go down? And are you participating in the events?
Just the street contest because I was going to do the Gauntlet, but after seeing it…I think I’m out of that (laughs).

You recently joined the Sunday squad. How did that come about, and what were you doing prior to that?
Prior to that I was on Season Bikes…I quit riding for them and Robbie Morales hooked me up with flow Cult, just a homie hook up…then Jim and I started talking to each other over Twitter and just exchanged numbers, and it just went from there.

Cory laces a double peg to hard 360. Click to see sequence. Photo: Jeff Z.

What frame are you riding at the moment?
The Soundwave, 21 inch top tube.

Is there anything you’re particular about on your bike–things you need to have set up?
I like it to sound like a basketball really, I run 90 to 100 PSI in my tires and that’s about it. Nothing special, I don’t modify anything.

You’re on the Albe’s crew, being a Michigan local…what’s it like riding for Albe’s? Flip is pretty much the man over there…
Yeah, Flip’s the man, and he will teach you the way of the road…him and Dane Wild have really brought me up over the years. They sponsored me when I just turned 18, so they helped me out a lot; taught me a lot of stuff about traveling and just everything I need to know. I dunno. Albe’s is a party!

Cory icepicks an out ledge. Photo: Jeff Z.

Any last words, thanks, shout outs?
Yeah, thank Mark Flip, Dane Wild, John and Turbo from Albe’s, Scot Wire, obviously Jim Cielencki, Brian Osborne, Rich Fischer, Nick Bullen, Jason Suchan, Jason Govan, my Mom and Dad, you, for doing this interview, anyone that’s helped me, shot photos, or anyone that’s filmed for me…all the homies…that’s about it.