Chad Kerley’s vitaminwater® Invitational Final Results & Photo Gallery

What will be known as the contest of the year and one of the best street contests of all time is done and in the books. So many insane tricks and firsts went down, the riders were beyond stoked, and the vibe couldn’t have been better. If you missed the live feed, ee’ll have the entire contest up again as well as new highlight edits, so keep checking back.


Obstacle #1 (red and blue rails)
1. Garrett Reynolds
2. Alex Kennedy
3. Rob Wise

Obstacle #2 (pyramid ledge/green rail/box)
1. Garrett Reynolds
2. Stevie Churchill
3. Sean Sexton

Obstacle #3 (the island)
1. Garrett Reynolds
2. Rob Wise
3. Stevie Churchill

Obstacle #4 (secret setup: railhop)
Stevie Churchill

Rider’s Choice—Overall Rider of the Day
Garrett Reynolds

From left: Stevie Churchill, Sean Sexton, Garrett Reynolds, Rob Wise, and Alex Kennedy. Photo: Zielinski