Name: Brian Kachinsky
Age: 29
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 170
Sponsors: DK, Etnies, Arnette, Cti


Frame: DK Passport (Brian Kachinsky Signature) 20.6″ toptube raw
Fork: Odys
Bars: DK super 8 (8.65″ rise)
Stem: DK top load
Grips: DK tsuka
Bar ends: Odys
Headset: FSA
Seatpost: mankind
Seat: Odys Gary Young
Seat clamp: internal
Cranks: DK Social 170mm
Bottom Bracket: DK
Sprocket: DK Kahn 25 tooth
Chain: DK Exo
Front tire: DK prototype (foldable)
Front wheel: DK orbit rim, DK double butted spokes, DK Alpha hub
Rear tire: DK prototype (foldable)
Rear wheel: DK orbit rim, DK double butted spokes, DK alpha cassette
Pedals: DK Plastic
Hub guard: BSD, Primo, homemade
Pegs: Animal Butcher pegs (plastic)

Describe your bike setup and how you like your bike to feel.
My bike is light, solid, strong and no rattles/creaks. I have a pretty short back end and steep headtube. It feels great for barspins, whips, spins, etc. It feels comfortable on street and ramps since that’s what I mostly ride but is basically built for everything. Brakeless and four pegs as well to keep my options open.

What part are you the most particular about or do you feel makes the biggest difference on your bike?
Hubguards are a must for me these days since I love grinding on both sides. I think plastic is the way to go, especially in the rear.

I’ve cut the bars down a bit (about 1/2 inch on each side) and the seatpost is cut down a bit as well. Other than that I just like to keep it tight and clean. I feel my bike works the best that way. A dialed bike is more fun to ride in my opinion.

What’s going on with those front hub guards?
The front hub guards are simply a modified outdated rear hubguard that I’ve filed down to fit on the front. I feel more comfortable on toothpicks/smiths having the guard there. It keeps everything flush and lengthens the life of my front spokes.

Ever miss the front brakes?
The time I miss it most is when riding a mini ramp or street spine. Other than that I don’t miss smashing my finger on the lever during barspins, etc. It’s a give and take but I don’t see the front brakes coming back anytime soon.

How are the plastic pegs treating you?
I have plastic pegs for the time being, but switch from plastic to metal depending on what I’m riding. Plastic is good for keeping your grind options open, but it’s hard to beat the sound and feel of real deal steel.

Do you remember your first “real” BMX bike?
Yeah! It was a chrome GT vertigo. All chrome everything. I loved grinding back then but wasn’t as gentle (not that I’m gentle these days either) but I killed the dropouts in a few short months. They were paper thin and not meant for what I put it through.

Do you normally build up a whole new bike from the ground up, or do you just replace parts as needed?
I usually just replace parts as needed but once in a while I’m lucky enough to get a whole new bike. A brand new bike feels amazing but I don’t enjoy the “break in” period where you have to stop your session and adjust/tighten things. I’d say my bike is best when it’s about a week or so old. Then it really feels like “my bike.” Know what I mean?

You had ACL surgery a month or so ago and have been off the bike, what’s recovery been like this time around? How have you been passing the time?
Unfortunately I recently had ACL surgery on my right knee. I actually tore it a few years ago but was in the middle of summer and in the middle of a filming project. I toughed it out for a while and my knee actually started to feel better thanks to my Cti knee brace. After a while, it started to feel crappy enough that I wanted to get it fixed. I felt like my knee was 90% at best for the past couple years. I did well with my knee torn but I’m looking forward to how I can do with a knee that’s 100%. This downtime sucks but in the long run it’s the right choice.

When will you be back on the bike?
I’m hoping to be back sometime this spring. Recovery on ACL surgery is usually about six months but I have a great doctor and therapist whom are working hard to get me back ASAP. That being said I’m going make sure that I don’t come back too early because then all the hard work I’m doing now will go to waste. This isn’t my first rodeo with ACL surgery and I respect my doctors words and won’t start riding until he gives me the green light. He’s one of the best doctors in the country and knows exactly what I plan on doing once I return on the bike. That’s comforting. I’m in good hands and working hard every single day to get it back up to speed.

You mentioned that you may be auctioning this bike off for Nina Buitrago; wanna elaborate on that?
YES! As you might have heard Nina recently had a bad crash in which she had to have surgery on her jaw. I’m been teammates with Nina for years and had the pleasure to see how badass, professional and tough that girl is. Nothing can stop her. I plan to do an auction sometime in the near future via Ebay to help her pay some of her bills. Thanks for the inspiration all these years Nina!