Your top three for Pro Park & Flatland (Pat Casey third, Daniel Sandoval second, Daniel Dhers first, Viki Gomex first, Adam Kun second, Moto Sasaki third). Shout out to Trevlon Hall (bottom right with the Monster hat on). Photo: Mulligan

The BMXFreestyle Exams by Trevlon Hall went off over the weekend with finals for park and flatland on Sunday. Well over 20 countries were represented throughout the contest weekend between both the ams and pros. As you can imagine the riding was nuts, especially with a $86,000 prize purse up for grabs. Each flat rider filled the floor with their own unique style of super tech and smooth flowing riding, and the park course hosted huge tricks with some serious bangers in the best trick portion of the runs. Results and photos are below.

Major thanks to Trevlon Hall and the Trinidad Ministry of Tourism for putting on an amazing event for all the riders and the people of Trinidad and Tobago! With an awesome vibe, the caribbean location, and such the healthy prize money, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing this event happen again.

Pro Park Finals
1. Daniel Dhers
2. Daniel Sandoval
3. Pat Casey
4. Kenneth Tencio
5. Nick Bruce
6. Alex Landeros
7. AJ Anaya
8. Wesley Hark
9. Jonathan Camacho
10. Jake Leiva
11. Sebastian Smith
12. Rob Darden
13. Brian Fox
14. Steven Moxley
15. Nick Di Geroloma
16. David Peraza
17. Jose Ordoñez
18. Pabel Marquez

Pro Flatland Finals
1. Viki Gomez
2. Adam Kun
3. Moto Sasaki
4. Jason Plourde
5. Terry Adams
6. Uchino “Uchie” Yohei
7. “Dub” Jean William Prevost
8. Alberto Moya
9. Dominik Nekolny
10. Tyler Gilliard
11. Williams Perez
12. Kevin Nikulski

Am Park Finals
1. Maurison Martines
2. Darrell Werleman
3. Brandon Holder
4. Tiankhi Chin-Asiong
5. Wintley Raven
6. Thurian Alleyne
7. Astar Reece
8. Romell Bourne

Am Flatland Finals
1. Kestrel Roopnarine
2. Stephan Clark
3. Jerome Danie
4. Brad Lee
5. Peter Gonzales
6. Jesus Ibarra