Bike Check: Scott Ditchburn

A crooked back wheel, a handful of broken and twisted spokes, loose cranks—Scott’s bike is a contender for the worst kept bike I’ve ever seen for a professional sponsored rider. But hey, it obviously works for him, and that’s all that matters.

Name: Robert Scott Ditchburn
Age: 26
Height: 6’ 1” (I think)
Weight: 13.6 stone (190 lbs.)
Location: Just outside Liverpool, UK—hopefully soon to be the U.S
Sponsors: DUB BMX, Subrosa, the Shadow Conspiracy, Lotek, Chain Reaction, and I always wear the homey’s shit too—The Trip, OSS, Blunted Athletics, Green Films.

Frame: Subrosa Balum 21”
Fork: Subrosa Villicous
Bars: Subrosa Party Bars 8.5”
Stem: Subrosa Forever
Grips: Shadow Lahsaan
Barends: Shadow
Headset: Shadow integrated
Clamp: Integrated
Seatpost: Shadow x DUB seat/post combo
Seat: Shadow x DUB seat/post combo
Pedals: Shadow Ravager plastic
Cranks: Subrosa Bitchin’
Sprocket: Shadow Ravaged
Chain: Shadow prototype Interlock Supreme
Front Tire: Subrosa Grave Digger 2.3”
Front Wheel: Shadow Stun complete
Rear Tire: Subrosa Street Digger 2.2”
Rear Wheel: Shadow BTR hub with Stun rim
Pegs: Four Shadow Slide or Die pegs (plastic and steel baby)

It’s pretty obvious that a smooth bike isn’t a priority for you. But from the looks of it, you might prefer a bent, crooked, and sluggish bike, is that about right?
Well, I do love a well ridden in machine [laughs]. It’s just if I get a brand new bike I don’t know everything about her, do I? I could be icing a rail and a grip point grabs me an boom bad shin or ankle—face! It’s a lot like a relationship, gotta find all the curves. I do admit, though, this one has had a lot of abuse. I should of got new wheels before I came, but I forgot to order them because  an idiot!

What happens if/when your sponsors ask you to build a fresh bike before a trip?
[Laughs] Well, usually I’ll try and ask if I can just get a new one at the end of the trip. I’ll just get a few parts before—like pedals, grips, tires, or even wheels if I remember—which isn’t always certain.

Is there anything on your bike that you are actually particular about?
Grips! I have to have thin grips. If I see a kid in the park with Shadow or Subrosa grips fully worn in I’ll give them a brand new set for them! Holes and all—I just love thin grips a lot!

How long have you been riding this current setup?
Like frame and bars two months, everything else like five or six, maybe even seven. I never really get a whole new bike—just if something breaks I will get what I need—with the exception of a new color way, then I’ll build up new frame, fork, and bars.

You’ve been rockin’ the Subrosa party four-piece bars for a bit. How are you liking them? Didn’t you trim them down a bit, as well?
I used to ride four piece a bit when I was growing up and I always loved ’em so as soon as I heard Kyle Hart was getting his own set on Subrosa I knew I was gonna be going back to my roots.

Tell us about the little drawings on your bike, they look like you did them with a White Out pen.
Yeah man, all types of shit on there, ain’t there? [Laughs] I really like drawing the Shadow logo so I had to draw it as soon as I saw this TIP EX pen at my girlfriend’s house… what’s a White Out pen? I also have that logo on my arm—which Trey Jones did! Can’t get much more Shadow than that—shout out to Ronnie B/ you motherf-cking legend! The upside-down cross is self explanatory I think.

For a guy who spends a lot of time in the streets, your front tire is really knobby…
[Laughs] You damn right it is. I grew up in the days of the Maxxis Big Daddy tire wrapped around Primo Wall tire with thorn proof tubes—I’m not scared of a heavy front end! And if you watch the Subrosa Atlanta trip video you will see I’m partial to getting dirty. Shout out to Stinky Pinky aka Marky Milk aka also known as aka Mark Mulville.

Pole jam into the bank.