Bike Check: Morgan Long

Long Beach local by way of the midwest, Morgan Long offers a refreshing outlook and a unique approach with his riding—and here’s the ride he gets it done on.

Age: 24
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 165 lbs.
Location: Long Beach, CA
Sponsors: Fit, Stolen, Dan’s Comp, Cement Face

Frame: Fit MAC 21.125”
Fork: Fit Blade 2
Bars: Fit Skyscraper
Stem: Stolen TLC
Grips: Fit Tech
Barends: Stolen alloy
Headset: Stolen Implant
Clamp: integrated
Seatpost: Stolen Tuner
Seat: Stolen Kushin
Pedals: Stolen Thermalite SP
Cranks: Stolen Team 22 mm 170 mm
Sprocket: Stolen Sumo 28-tooth
Chain: Stolen Balland
Front Tire: Stolen Joint 2.3”
Front Wheel: Stolen Roulette with a Stolen Flip hub
Rear Tire: Stolen Joint 2.3”
Rear Wheel: Stolen Roulette with BSD hub

How long do you typically ride a bike for before building a new one?
Normally I try to get a new bike rolling about every four-six months. I’ll switch out any little parts as needed, but I try to build it up with all new stuff.

What parts do you change out the most often and why?
I’d say pedals, seat, grips, and chain. I’m paranoid about chains so I try not to ride any chain for more than two months. A new chain just feels and sounds amazing compared to a worn out one.

What are you most particular about on your bike?
Frame and bar geometry—and bar height/position

You run your bars a little more forward than the norm, has it always been that way?
When I was younger I used to run them even with the forks and then I slowly started pushing them more and more forward. Now I ride them straight up and down and it just feel amazing. Makes me not feel so cramped and I feel like it gives me more pop.

You just wrapped up an edit for TCU and now you’re working on getting footage for two DVDs, care to elaborate on some of the projects you have going on?
Right now filming for the Dan’s DVD is my main focus. We have two more months to film for that so once I get home from the trip I’ll try to collect some footage around home to contribute. Fit is also working on a DVD, I haven’t been on any trips to film for that, but I’d love to get some stuff filmed for that, as well. It’s pretty wild because Stew Johnson is in charge of filming for both of those projects so I can’t wait to see the end product.

You’re also about to spend a lot of time in Canada, as well. What will you be doing up there?
I’m on the plane right now headed to Canada. I’ve been planning on going on a Stolen Toronto/Montreal trip in mid June for a while, but I just got a last minute invite to go to Buffalo/Toronto with Dan’s. It worked out to where the trips overlapped by a few days so I will be on the Dan’s trip for eight out of the ten days, then I will stay in Toronto and meet up with the Stolen team for another eight days. I’ve never been to Canada before so I’m excited to check it out and see what kind of spots we come across.

While you’re here, in case you somehow missed it the first time around, here’s Morgan’s most recent edit. The dude rips.