Bike Check: Mike Hoder

Mike Hoder‘s S&M BTM is bigger than most with a 21.5″ TT and a tall front end—but what do you expect from someone who  is 6’ 4″. Keep reading to find out how he sets his ride up for peg-less grinds and more…

Age: 27
Height: 6’ 4”
Weight: 230 fatty
Location: Brooklyn/LA/Seattle
Sponsors: S&M, Lotek, Animal

On a scale of one to ten, ten meaning you love it, how much do you like working on your bike?
Five… I really don’t like working on my bike, but if it’s not running too good I will work on it until it’s perfect. There isn’t much to it, so for the most part I don’t have to [work on it].

How long do you typically ride a bike before building a new one? Do you switch out parts as they go? Or just build a whole fresh kit?
I try to keep my bike for as long as possible because I honestly don’t like the way a new bike feels. I like them broken in. So yeah, I just switch parts out as they break.

Tell us what makes the BTM your frame, as far as specs, geometry, features, etc…?
I like the longer toptube and the shorter backend—so that’s the reason the BTM came about. I had an idea for a frame and [Chris] Moeller put it into production and people seemed to love it. My current bike has a 21.5” toptube and 13.125” rear end—which I love because it’s a super responsive. Better Than Most.

What are some specifics on your bike for the pegless grinds to work well?
I had my wheels interlaced so the spokes wouldn’t get in the way of grinds and my dropouts are very minimal so they don’t get in the way either. Other than that I just hope I don’t slip off [laughs].

What parts do you change out the most often and why?
I would have to say pedals because I tend to bend them a bit more than most people due to how big I am and the drops don’t help.

What are you most particular about on your bike?
I like to just keep it the same mostly, but one thing I’m particular about is keeping my front tire perfectly centered with the fork. Bike feels all f-cked up when it’s off.

You have a bunch of stickers that aren’t BMX related. Want to explain what some of them are and what they mean to you…
I got the Seahawks stickers because the bike is their colors and they’re the Super Bowl champs—gotta rep my city [Seattle]. My homegirl owns Artprimo “graffiti supplies” company. And the graf stickers are for the BTM homie JADEROC who passed away recently. Rest In Paradise.

What are you really particular about, chain tight/loose, grips—thick, thin, new, or worn-out, tire pressure, et cetera?
I just don’t like when my bike makes noise. Its gotta be solid—always. Nothing loose.

Are you concerned with how much your bike weighs? How much does this bike weigh?
I think my bike weighs around 20 somethin’ pounds. Not too concerned about the weight. There’s nothing really to my bike so it never gets heavy.

Are you willing to experiment with new parts and mix things up, or do you prefer to stick to tried and true?Tried and true.