Bike Check: Dennis Enarson

Conan’s sword. The dude’s Gran Torino. The Eagle Lord’s chariot…aka, Dennis Enarson’s bike.

Name: Dennis Enarson
Age: 22
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 175lbs
Location: La Mesa CA
Sponsors: Rockstar, Nike, Haro, Demolition Parts, Oakley, MARKIT

Frame: Haro SD V2. 21” Top Tube
Fork: Demolition Chris Doyle Sig
Bars: Demolition signature prototypes
Stem: Some old Demo one, but I’ll be ridding the A-Boy Demolition stem as soon as I get around to putting it on. It’s sitting in my room looking good right now.
Grips: Duo Corey Martinez
Bar ends: Demolition Metal
Headset: Demolition
Clamp: Built into the SD V2
Seatpost: Demolition Tripod
Seat: MARKIT X Demolition Tripod seat that will be out really soon
Cranks: Demolition signature prototypes that will be out around the time my bars drop.
Sprocket: 28-tooth Demolition spline drive
Chain: Cult
Front Tire: Aitken Dirt 2.25”
Front Wheel: Demolition hub spokes and rim!
Rear Tire: Demolition Machete
Rear Wheel: Demo coaster with Demo spokes and rim
Pedals: Plastic Demolition Troopers
Hub Guard: Demo Front and back, metal
Pegs: Metal Demolition prototypes


Yoooo Dennis, I know you’ve been home a bunch. How’s San Diego treating you?
I have loved hanging around home. It’s nice getting back into a routine of riding a bunch at the local spots. I am excited to get back into travel life though.

Obvious freecoaster question, buuuut… You’re an all-around rider, how are you liking the freecoaster? Ever see yourself going back to a cassette?
I really enjoy my coaster. After having it for so long now it doesn’t make sense to have to pedal backwards. The new Demolition freecoaster is so dialed and is just like a normal hub, as far as taking care of it goes. I don’t ever see myself going back, but who knows.

The Markit video has been out for a couple months and it was obviously insane on all levels; how was the response for you guys?
Thank man! It’s been great hearing so many positive things about the project we put two years of our lives into. I’m so grateful to have been able to give something back to BMX.

Did you modify any parts or do anything special to your bike?
Everything is pretty stock, except that I cut my bars down to 27 ½ inches. I really like them at that width so I always try and cut my bars down to that.

You guys put out the winter promo, but I know you’re not jumping straight into another DVD. What’s the plan for Markit this year?
Ya, were going to take a little time off from another big project. I really want to focus on getting the Jeans dialed, and more styles of them, so everybody has a fit they are into. Other then the product getting dialed in, we’re going to do a few trips over the next year. So the crew will still be together, doing what we do, and putting out cool edits for everyone to enjoy.

Any updates coming with your signature parts from Haro and Demolition?
I’m actually dropping a product line with Demolition, called the Rig ine. It’s going to be cranks, bars, seat, and tires. We have been working super hard getting everything perfect. The line and a promo I’m working on for them should drop around March. Also were in the works of a Haro SD V3, which will be a little ways in the future, but will be even better then the first 2 models.

You mentioned something about Nike doing a big trip this year…any details about that?
Ya, the whole American team, plus Kriss Kyle, are going to Argentina in February. It’s going to be so much fun. The Nike BMX family is the best!

What part (or angle of a part/frame/etc.) are you most particular about one your bike?
I can get used to new parts really fast, but I really like being used to my bars. If I don’t cut my bars down to the right width it can bug me. Other then that I’m not too picky.

What else is really specific to you when it comes to bike setup?
It depends on what I’m riding. If it’s park I like a lot of PSI and a really dialed bike. I’ll tighten everything up and get it running smooth for a good park session. Dirt is kinda the same way except I let a little pressure out of the tires. Then when I’m ridding a lot of street I let my bike get really ghetto. It feels good having a beat up bike I’m not scared to let go and mess up.

Some thanks?
Ride and Fudger for the Bike check, Haro for letting me make the frame of my dreams, Demolition for always keeping me riding fresh, strong parts, and Henry @ East County BMX for all the help over the years.