Bike Check: Christian Rigal

Christian and I spent some quality time together while shooting Chad Kerley’s interview for the upcoming 200th issue and he was rolling around with this brand new trans gold version of his signature United frame with all new Demolition parts. And that is a pretty damn good reason to do a bike check…

Name: Christian Rigal
Age: 24
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 170
Location: La Mesa, CA
Sponsors: United Bike Co, Demolition Parts, Etnies, and MARKIT Denim

Frame: United ‘Rigal’ 21.25” in a new trans gold color way that’s available in July!
Fork: United Dinero
Bars: United ‘Rigal’ 9.1”
Stem: Demolition Parts Aaron Smith
Grips: Duo Martinez
Bar ends: Kink
Headset: Demolition
Seat post: Demolition
Seat: Demolition MARKIT tripod
Cranks: Demolition Rig 170mm
Sprocket: Demolition Mugatu 30t
Chain: Cult
Front Tire: Demolition Rig 2.4”
Front Wheel: Demolition Ghost interlaced
Rear Tire: Demolition Rig 2.4”
Rear Wheel: Demolition Rotator
Pedals: Demolition Trooper PC
Hub Guard: BSD and Primo
Pegs: Demolition sample steel/nylon

How you been? What’s new?
I’ve been great! Lots of riding bikes and filming with my friends for various projects, covering ground all over Cali and hitting a few trips in between. I wouldn’t really say too much is new; I’ve just been keeping busy filming for my United part and a new Demolition edit.

Fresh bike, eh? How long do you usually keep bikes for?
Three-to-four months. My bikes always get thrashed; lots of grinding and failed grinds haha.

You replace parts as you need ’em or just build new ones up?
Both, haha. I go through a lot of pegs, pedals, tires, and bar ends. The rest I usually just ride until its all beat. But if I bend my bars or something I’ll definitely switch those out, but you can’t beat how good a whole new bike feels!

You’re riding your own signature frame, so I’m sure you like it, but what’s your favorite part about it?
I love how strong it is. I used to break frames all the time and I’ve never broken one of these. The last thing you want on your mind when your filming a clip is if your frame is gonna snap…I’m happy I don’t have to worry about that.

Wasn’t there some copyright stuff with the original name of your frame?
Yeah, I guess General motors copywrited the word Buick for both cars and bicycles, but luckily that was brought to our attention before the frame went into production.

Did you modify any parts or do anything special?
I cut my bars down (way to much this time haha), chopped my steer tube a little and made my hub guard spin.

You have the United video and the Etnies video is kicking off, too. Are you in full-blown filming mode yet again?
I never stopped haha, I didn’t wanna chill for a bit and get scared, so I just kept filming once we finished MARKIT ZERO. Right now I’m just focusing on my part for the United video, though. Etnies has a big pro team and everyone’s going to be filming parts, so I don’t think I’d be able to film a section for them, but I’d love too if the opportunity came up!

What part (or angle of a part/frame/etc.) are you most particular about one your bike?
Definitely my bar height/angle and my psi…I run about 45, haha. If either of those are off, I’m screwed!

What else is really specific to you when it comes to bike setup?
Big bars, big tires and plastic pegs are what make my bike feel and ride the best for me.

Any more signature parts in the works?
I’ve got some plastic pegs and a sprocket in the works with Demolition but that’s about it right now.

If ya got ’em, this is where the thanks go…
My sponsors, family and friends, Fudger and Ride and anyone who supports what we do!