Bike Check: Chase Dehart

Name: Chase English DeHart
Age: 26
Height: 6’
Weight: 155 lbs.
Location: South Jersey
Sponsors: Cult, Etnies, Fox, Dan’s Comp, Cinema, Quintin, Butter

Frame: Cult Butter 20.65”
Fork: Cult Sect
Bars: Cult Leader 8.5” rise
Stem: Cult Mind Control
Grips: Cult DeHart grips (I think the Faith grips are on in the photo, it was humid and the gum color is stickier)
Barends: Cult
Headset: Animal
Clamp: Integrated
Seatpost: Cult Pivotal
Seat: Cult DeHart signature
Cranks: Cult 175mm
Sprocket: Animal Sprocky Balboa 25-tooth
Chain: Cult half-link
Front Tire: Cult DeHart signature, 2.25”
Front Wheel: Cinema Tungsten female
Rear Tire: Cult DeHart signature, 2.10”
Rear Wheel: Cinema VX hub laced to 777 rim
Pedals: Duo plastic
Hub Guard: BSD plastic
Pegs: Cult Doomsday

Cut my bars down about half an inch on each side, cut my fork tube down so it’s flush, added a little spacer so the hubguard can fit on my hub (thanks Kevin Connors), and I tighten down the insides of my pedals so they don’t spin on whips.

You’re pretty particular about your grips, aren’t you?
Yeah, I have real sweaty hands when I ride, so the grips have to be really soft, and pretty much sticky, or else my hands just slide all over the place and I never have my true control of the bike I feel like. One main reason why I have a signature grip, before then I’ve ridden the same grip for as long as I can remember.

What else is really specific to you when it comes to bike setup?
Every little thing, every thing is exactly how I want it and I have it on there because it’s a certain way. I know when the smallest thing is off—if my bars move a centimeter I know it. I’ve had my bike the same for so long—it’s just what works for me, my bike is really thought out to suit me and how I ride.

Have you ever though about running more pegs? What about plastic pegs?
Yeah, I’ve had four pegs on for like two days—it’s cool, but it’s not really for me I guess. I ride on my toes too much and I have a short back end so my foot would hit the peg every time I hopped or manualed. As for plastic pegs, again just not really for me, I had them on just a few days ago for the first time to ride a cement park and it didn’t feel right, it didn’t make any noise and it didn’t feel like a grind at all.

Is an all black bike your go-to?
Yeah, definitely, black just looks perfect. When I grew up riding, if your bike wasn’t spray bombed black, or spray painted period, your boys would spray bomb it when you left it over their house and make fun of you for trying to have a nice bike. That’s just how it was, no one had a colorful bike, that was never a cool thing in my group of friends and that just stuck with me I guess.

You just got home from a productive ten-day filming trip in all over Southern California, are you happy with how your section is shaping up for Talk Is Cheap?
Yup, you were there for most of it! That trip was awesome, I love being with the whole team, we know each other so well, it’s easy to feel at home and enjoy every bit of the trip. As for how I feel about my part, I’m definitely happy, I haven’t gotten the chance to film for it as much as I’d like because I’ve had a ton of other filming obligations and trips during all of this. The video has been in the making for a year and a half and in that time I’ve maybe spent three months on my part, but I’m happy that I was motivated on all those trips and did my best…on to the next one.

How about that jam at the Clubhouse…the turnout was great and the crowd was psyched. How does it feel to see how well received Cult has become?
Yeah, that was amazing, right? That little kid was so tough, falling from that high up must have felt huge to him. I can’t believe the turn out, well, not even just the turnout, but I can’t believe the dedication riders have for Cult, it blows my mind, and I hope we make them feel a part of it, it’s not an easy thing to do, but we want them to know how much we appreciate them and want to give back—do events to hang out with them, watch them ride, and give them a chance to shine. Like the best trick and the Swain Storm contest, we all watched their videos and enjoyed it—got to give away a bike and a ton of parts to five winners. Their love and support isn’t going unnoticed, at this point I feel like our job is to show them that, just let them know we really do give a fuck and appreciate them greatly.

You’ve got a catalog of DVD and web video parts to your name at this point, do you find it’s getting more difficult for you to film new stuff—in regards to spots and tricks?
Yeah, I’m on my tenth video part, I’ve been filming for video parts at a really young age. It hasn’t become really difficult—I ride everyday and feel like I progress each day, whether it’s new tricks or perfecting my old ones and bringing them to better setups. My main battle is just not having a filmer, Navaz is extremely busy, and I only ride on instinct—if I want to do something, I’m going to do it, camera or no camera, so a lot of my energy gets used on days when no one is there to film. I’ll do something, then go back to film it, and be over it before I even try it, and just want to move on to something that’s new to me. Not having a filmer has definitely been the hardest part for me, I just need a filmer to ride with me everyday and I’d be set.

How has the birth of your son, Cash, changed up your life—both on and off the bike?
Man, it’s the best, it hasn’t changed what goes on in my life, I’ve always been an accessional partier and I never had much of a social life. I’ve always ridden all day then went home and relaxed, anyway. So now it’s just much of the same—I ride all day or travel, then go home and spend time with the family and raise our son. As far as changing my life, it’s really just made me see what’s important to me—what I’m willing to spend time on. It cancelled out so much dumb shit in my life, I can let things that used to seem important to me roll off my shoulder. Definitely on some seeing the bigger picture shit, you know? I’m a father now—I have a much bigger purpose.

Does being a dad affect the way you approach riding any differently?
Nah, not in the slightest bit, I guess the only thing is I try to make the day count, but I’ve tried to make the day count my whole life, so that hasn’t really changed. There is never a point where I’m out there like, “Fuck dude, I better get some tricks, I got a mouth to feed.” That would be the corniest shit ever. Riding is riding, it’s something I literally love to do, I’m genuinely a rider—I love doing it and that’s my approach since day one.

What else are you looking forward to project or trip wise?
A ton of stuff, it never ends…I’ll film for Talk Is Cheap until Navaz won’t let me, I’m working on a Dan’s Comp web edit as we speak—which will be pretty chillin’ because I have a lot of filming obligations (one being the actual Dan’s Comp DVD that’s in the making at the moment). I’m heading to the Bakery in Chicago for Chad Kerley’s Invitational contest—thanks ’lil homey for inviting me. Cult is also doing a small trip in Chicago right after the contest. I’m going to start working on another full etnies Web edit in a month or two, along with a few etnies tours in June. I’m also working on a signature handlebar for Cult, colorway shoe for etnies, and the list goes on. I’m excited for all of it man. I’m definitely spread thin at times, but I love it, sometimes it causes some mediocre projects because there’s only so much time in the day, but I’m doing my best to use all the time I’m given and give my all to each project. In between all of that; I’m out riding every day, doing my little Hot Butter projects and just putting out whatever we’re up to. I’m still a street rat, I’m still just out there riding all the time at my local spots, hitting the same old shit because it feels good and it’s fun—that’s all I’m interested in, feeling good and taking it as I feel it.

Any thanks?
Robbie Morales, John Povah, Will Stroud, Scott Towne, Chris Cole, Mike Ardelean, Neal Wood, Joe Vee, Adam Roye, Ryan Navazio, Cult, Etnies, Dan’s Comp, Fox, Cinema, Quintin, Jim Anfuso, Joy Sandoval, Glenn P.P. Milligan, Rich Hirsch, Dave at Monster, Edwin DeLaRosa, Bob Scerbo, Ralph/Animal, Fran Sachetta, Philly Swain, Hot Butter crew, Drew Quinlan, Randy Brown, Darryl Tocco, my mom, dad, fiance and son Cash, Chase Hawk, Dakota Roche, vanilla Dutches, Jeff Z., Rob Dolecki, Ride BMX, Adam Grandmaison, all the BMX sites, all the BMX mags, everyone who cares about me and has helped me in any way shape or form, I know I’m missing people, I’m really busy and I’m sorry if I never get to show my thanks, but I couldn’t be in this position without all the help over the years, thank you!

Chase made it around this curvy rail enough times to 180 out of it both ways.