Bike Check: Chase Dehart

All black and all laughs all the time, check what the one and only Chase Dehart is riding (and more importantly, why) these days…

Name: Chase DeHart
Age: 27
Height: 6ft
Weight: 155lbs
Location: South Jersey
Sponsors: Cult, Etnies, Animal, Danscomp, Reshoven8er

Frame: Cult “Butter” signature frame, 20.65”
Fork: Cult investment cast fork
Bars: Cult “Butter” signature bars 8.5” rise 27” wide
Stem: Cult Mind Control
Grips: Duo Bohan in the picture (waiting on the second version of my signature grip)
Barends: Cult
Headset: Cult
Seatpost: Cult
Seat: Cult “Butter” signature seat
Cranks: Cult OS Crank
Sprocket: Cult OS Sprocket
Chain: Cult half link
Front Tire: Cult signature tire, 20.25”
Front Wheel: Animal Juvenile complete
Rear Tire: Cult signature tire, 2.10”
Rear Wheel: Animal Juvenile complete
Pedals: Animal BPE plastic
Hub Guard: Animal Pin
Pegs: Animal Butcher Long Pegs without the plastic sleeve

We shot this bike check in Vegas on an Etnies video trip…filming is just getting started, but how’s it going so far? 
I’ve been on two trips so far, the first trip I got some footage I was hyped on in Las Angeles, the 2nd trip we didn’t really ride anything I was too interested in riding, but we had a lot of fun, the footage will come, just staying positive and motivated for this part.

Is there any sort of mindset you have when you’re going into a two-year video project? I imagine it’s hard to film something today and not wonder if it’s going to be worthy two years down the road…
I just want to try really hard for this video part, which already I see myself being way too picky about what I film and what I ride, but I just have a vision already of what I want it to be this time, but my mindset is always the same, I just ride as I feel it, when I see a spot or set-up I want to ride or get something on I just feel it, I know when its something I will want to do and see myself do.

Everyone was freaking on the addition of a fourth peg. It’s on in these photos, but is it still on?
[Laughs] Yeah, I don’t know, its just another grind to me, its cool I guess, I took them off until I get shorter cranks, I ride on my toes too much and I kept getting my foot stuck underneath the rear peg, but ill keep putting them on and taking them off I’m sure, 2 pegs just feels the best.

You seem pretty OCD about your setup; everything has to be just as you like it…why is that?
Yeah it’s just how I am in general about anything in my life, everything has to be perfect, I know what I like, I know what I want, I’m not content until its perfect and what I want, my clothes, my car, my riding, anything. It has to be exactly how I want it, OCD for sure.

You replace parts as you need ‘em or just build new ones up? 
I replace them as I need them usually, this bike is actually completely brand new, which I never usually do and regretted it at first cause it took a bit to get used to, but I’m used to it now, it feels like my bike now.

All black everything forever?
Yeah, probably, I was thinking about putting together a white frame, all black with just a white frame; that looks nice to me, too. But black is just the best, it looks so good.

What’s that wear spot on your bars next to your left grip? Your thumb or something?
Yeah, they’re on both sides, I don’t hold my grips with 5 fingers just 4, I have no idea why, so my thumbs rest on the top of my bars, and it wears down the paint. My hands move constantly when I ride, same with my feet, I can’t sit still, I just like when my body is loose I guess, just a weird habit.

What’s new with Cult and Animal?
Right now, a lot. The second version of my signature frame is about to come out in May, I’m working on my 2nd version of my signature grip right now, new version of my signature seat, newer size and color tires. Working on a promo for my new frame soon. And then with Animal I have a signature snapback hat coming out, and I’m pretty sure they are trying to work on a video, so I want to start filming for that now that the winter is over. Should be real busy this whole year, which is good.

“When I look at my bike and I like how it looks, when I get on it I feel good, then I feel like I ride good, it’s all mental. Everything is mental. I’m fucking mental [laughs].”


Did you modify any parts or do anything special?
I cut my bars down like two inches, cut my fork tube down so I don’t need spacers on top, that’s it.

What part (or angle of a part/frame/etc.) are you most particular about one your bike?
Everything. That’s probably why Robbie gives me so many signature parts [laughs], I won’t ride just anything, and I can’t just put any part on and be like “oh this is cool.” It has to be what size I want and how I want it to look and what position I like it in.

What else is really specific to you when it comes to bike setup?
How it looks, if it don’t look good, you don’t feel good so you don’t ride good type of thing, when I look at my bike and I like how it looks, when I get on it I feel good, then I feel like I ride good, it’s all mental. Everything is mental. I’m fucking mental [laughs].

If ya got ‘em, this is where the thanks go…
To my family and my sponsors, I feel so lucky, have no clue why but just am so lucky and have gotten to do and see the world cause of them wanting to support me. Robbie, Povah, Scott Towne, Ralph Sinisi and anyone in the past, old sponsors and all that, just so many people through out the years, can’t thank them enough for everything. And thanks Fudger for the bike check. I think I found a spot ride…it’s inside Cheetahs.

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