Bike Check: Broc Raiford’s Volume Bermuda

Name: Broc Raiford
Age: 18
Sponsors : DC, Odyssey, Volume, Pull-In
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 180 lbs

Broc and the signature frame he shares with Drew Hosselton. Photo: Jeff Zielinski

Frame: Volume Bermuda, 21″
Fork: Volume Black Mamba
Headset: Odyssey
Stem: Odyssey Sean Sexton
Handlebars: Volume Signature Prototype
Grips: Odyssey Cufflink
Tires: Odyssey Chase Hawk, 2.4″ front and rear
Rear Wheel: Odyssey Antigram Hub, Hazard Lite Rim
Front Wheel: Odyssey Vandero 2 Hub, Hazard Lite Rim
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt
Pedals: Odyssey PC
Chain: Shadow Interlock
Sprocket: Odyssey C512 Chase Hawk, 28t
Seat: Volume Signature Prototype
Post: Pivotal
Pegs: Animal Butcher

How was your California trip?
It was awesome man, I pretty much got to do everything I wanted and more. Hanging out on the beach and stuff, going snorkeling…honestly a normal day to me that’s awesome is rolling down to the beach in the morning, grabbing breakfast, going out riding all day and then finishing with another beach cruise. I love that the beach is so close, it’s awesome.

I heard you’re moving out here.
Yeah, yeah. I’m definitely trying to move out there…sometime maybe December or the beginning of next year. I definitely want to make the move out there and make everything that I love doing on the trips out there everyday life. You know, just hanging out with my buddies, riding bikes.

Broc with a wallride to gap over the sidewalk. Photo: Jeff Zielinski

It’s definitely the spot to do it. I saw you in Vegas too, was that your first time going to Interbike or had you been there before?
That was my first time on the Strip, being in the actual part of Vegas. I had kinda stayed where the YMCA and Pro Park were, I just kinda stayed around that area on previous trips. So this was the first time I’d actually been in that area and it was a whole experience in itself. It’s crazy.

I guess we should talk about your bike. Do you want to talk about your signature frame with Drew Hosselton?
Basically, Drew and I talked to Brian and he linked us up over e-mail. We just sent ideas back and forth to one another on what we wanted in a frame and what we didn’t want. So we just played it back and forth like that a little bit until we agreed upon something and now, we came out with a frame that’s called the Bermuda. It’s really awesome. Now, it has wishbone dropouts which is a bit more old school, but it’s got these newer welds on it. The front end’s steeper for nose manuals and stuff…it’s got a tall stand over too. So it’s a new school frame with older school aspects, I guess?

Sort of that classic Volume style aesthetic, like parts of the classic Volume Destroyer frame?

Chainstay wishbone. Photo: Jeff Z

What’s new about your bike these days?
Right now I’m riding the Sean Sexton signature top load stem which is different for me since I usually run front loads. So I’m actually running my forks cut down a little bit more. My stem sits a lot lower on my forks than my old stem did. So that’s new to me…I run my signature bars that are on my bike right now. They’ve got four degrees of upsweep, so that’s new to me and I’m really into that. I like that a lot, it’s a lot easier on your wrists when you’re hopping. Right now I’m running two 2.4″ Chase Hawk tires in the front and back. I’m stoked that the Bermuda has lots of room for the 2.4″ with some room in case the back wheel gets bent or moves in there. I’m running my signature prototype seat–it’s really fat, really comfortable…it’s way different from the seats I’m used to running where my butt ends up aching after a while from sitting on it. And I finally switched to left hand drive. I’ve been running right hand drive for a while. A lot of people question why I run right hand drive and ask, “are you goofy footed?” So finally I can have people stop asking those questions and have my tricks recognized for what they are, and not something else.

What was it like to have a section in The Hunt?
It was awesome and such a treat to be a part of such a big project that had so many good riders and amazing sections in it. It’s really awesome to know that so many people are still into watching DVDs and cool to get exposure in something where everyone has their own little space. It’s really cool to be in a DVD.

Thanks, last words, or shout outs?
Thanks to DC, Odyssey, Volume, and Pull In. I really appreciate all they do for me. My parents for being so supportive, thanks Mom and Dad. I wouldn’t be here today without their support. Thanks to my friends and the rest of my family, my friends for being motivating, and loving what I do.