Angie Marino Bike Check

Name: Angie Marino
Age: 22
Location: Greenville, NC
Sponsors: Fitbikeco., TSG, Yeahhh Zine, Savakas

Frame: Fit Aitken S4
Fork: Fit Blade V2 Forks
Stem: Fit Aitken S4
Handlebars: Fit Sky Highs
Grips: Fit Inman OT
Tires: Fit FAF 2.25″
Rear Wheel: Profile Mini to Revenge Rims
Front Wheel: Profile Mini to Revenge Rims
Cranks: Fit Indent Cranks
Pedals: Fit Mac Pedals
Chain: Half Link
Sprocket: Fit Crossfit
Seat: Fit Lo-Bolt
Post: Fit Pivotal
Clamp: Internal
Brakes: Fly
Lever: Odyssey