Adrenaline Games 2012 Prelims

Somehow, I ended up in Moscow, Russia, checking out and judging the Adrenaline Games. An annual contest in the center of Moscow, the Adrenaline Games is the biggest action sports event in the city and invites riders from all around the world to compete against the heavy local scene. Today was just prelims, but the contest started off pretty well with 46 riders getting taken down to 20 for the semi finals. Unfortunately, like I said, I’m judging the event so I can’t really get out and shoot a ton of photos, but here’s 35  from familiar names like Garrett Reynolds, Sean Ricany, Christian Rigal, Brian Kachinsky, Nicoli Rogatkin, and Alessandro Barbero, plus tons of local Russian killers, too.

Please excuse any incorrect names. I don’t have a list to work off at the moment and, well, the names are pretty hard to remember. Full results once they get e-mailed to me…


Pavlov Denis- 251

Daniel Wedemeijer- 249

Nicholi Rogatkin- 248

Garrett Reynolds–242

Chuprina Maxim- 240

Andreev Kostya- 238

Sean Ricany- 238

Alessandro Barbero- 235

Gladkov Sergey- 232

Terent’ev Pavel- 229

Novoselov Maxim- 226

Shatilo Stas- 226

Melnik Vlad- 226

Galas Borya- 225

Stepanov Denis- 225

Nikulin Alexander- 222

Jarkov Nikita- 222

Kachinsky Brian- 221

Talalev Valera- 219

Lapin Andrey- 218

Rigal Christian- 218

Vasiliy Lukyanenko- 217

Астахов Антон- 215

Miroshichenko Alexander- 213

Tebloev Taimik- 212

Mal’cev Alexey- 211

Nikolaev Ivan- 210

Gordeev Dmitry- 209

Hairytdiniv Roman- 208

Barsykov Alexey- 208

Korolev Kirill- 206

Chunosov Artem- 204

Pahomov Mikhail- 203

Frolov Oleg- 203

Isaev Vladimir- 202

Zabalyev Fedor- 201

Agarkov Artem- 199

Gilimzianov Roma- 199

Berestetskiy Iliya- 198

Simkin Sergey- 197

Obyxov Nikita- 197

Osokin Dmitry- 197

Rizaev Irek- 192

Kovalev Alexander- 188

Moralev Alexey- 186

Agapov Artem- 182

Kutlubaev Ruslan- 0

Grishin Danila- 0