With over 4,000 riders in Dirt Qualifying, making the cut to 15 for finals was no easy task on Saturday. Okay, maybe it was somewhere around 75 riders, but still damn hard to impress the judges enough to get a spot in Sunday’s finals. The straight line course was fun, maybe a little slow in some spots, but Nutter, Matty, Clint, and the rest of the Toast crew kept it dialed and plenty of crazy shit went down. Stating the obvious here, but finals will definitely be nuts. Here are the dudes who made the cut and over 50 photos from qualifying…

Dirt Qualifying Results
1. Chris Childs
2. Dennis Enarson
3. Mike “Hucker” Clark
4. Mark Mulville
5. Ryan Nyquist
6. Chris Doyle
7. Brandon Dosch
8. Corey Bohan
9. Gary Young
10. Leandro Moreira
11. TJ Ellis
12. Pat Casey
13. Ricky Moseley
14. Ronnie Napolitan
15. Colton Walker