Holy crap, dirt finals were fun at Texas Toast! With Crandall and Darryl Nau killing it on the mic, Metallica on heavy rotation, and 15 of the baddest dirtbags on the planet sending it in their runs and then in a full-on jam session that might have lasted half an hour, it was awesome. Chris Childs has wild style and tricks to go with it. He killed it with mad variety and was the only person to not only jump the last set backwards, but he 360’d it. Check out our Dirt Finals edit here for that one. Below are the results and a 50-photo gallery of the madness…

2013 Texas Toast Dirt Finals
1. Chris Childs
2. Dennis Enarson
3. Mike “Hucker” Clark
4. Ryan Nyquist
5. Mark Mulville
6. Clint Reynolds
7. TJ Ellis
8. Brandon Dosch
9. Chris Doyle
10. Leandro Moreira
11. Gary Young
12. Ronnie Napolitan
13. Pat Casey
14. Colton Walker
15. Ricky Moseley