2012 Vans LXVI Invitational Gallery & Results

Vans LXVI Invitational 2012

Daniel Sandoval holds the winner's check for the first-ever Vans LXVI invitational. Photo: Mulligan

Vans put on a box jump comp in Virginia Beach, Virginia, last week at the 50th Coastal Edge ECSC (East Coast Surfing Championships). A number of riders were invited to compete on the beach for some cash and bragging rights to winning this first-ever Vans comp. A beach, box jumps, and girls in bikinis…not a bad combo.

The Course
The course featured three box jumps. The first hit gave the option of hipping either left or right, the second hit was a regular box (the left side had a small slant wall sticking up for the far left side for wallrides and grinds), and the last boxcame in with a lip from each side with one landing. The quarter at the end was just for turning around (tricks weren’t scored on it).

The Riders
Brett Banasiewicz, Brian Hunt, Todd Meyn, Ricky Moseley, Diogo Canina, Alistair Whitton, Colin Mackay, Austin Coleman, Rob Darden, Gary Young, Cory Nastazio, TJ Ellis, James Foster, Zack Warden, Daniel Sandoval, Pat Casey, Ryan Nyquist, Ryan Guettler, and Scotty Cranmer were all invited to compete. Scotty was spotted chillin’, but didn’t enter.

Brett’s Crash
By now you’ve heard that Brett Banasiewicz went down at the comp and suffered a pretty brutal hit to the head. Brett crashed in practice when a 720 over the first box to the right drifted just far of the landing. Brett’s back wheel caught backside, but his front tire missed—hitting the plywood floor just inches from the backside transition. He went straight down without getting his hands out. Everyone had Brett in their thoughts all weekend and dedicated their runs to him. Brett’s doing better than the first few days, but he’s got a long road to recovery ahead of him. Stay strong, Brett! Positive vibes coming your way from everyone.

The Vert Demo:
Vans also had a solid collection of guys on hand to shred a vert ramp, behind the box jump course, with some skaters. In between some spits of rain, Coco, DMC, Simon Tabron, Zack Warden, Austin Coleman, and Brian Hunt rode the big ramp both Friday and Saturday and put on a good show for people working on their sunburns.

Pat Casey qualified first on Friday with Sandoval, Young, Ellis, Guettler, Coleman, Meyn, Moseley, Darden, and Foster rounding out the top ten for the finals.

Sunday saw some heavy rain early in the morning, but the storm passed and a blazing hot sun dried up the ramps without a delay. With gold, silver, and bronze Vans LXVI shoes for trophies to go along with the prize money, the ten qualifiers threw down plenty of combos. Daniel Sandoval edged out Pat Casey and TJ Ellis for the overall win with the following tricks: run one: barspin-to-tailwhip, no trick, Vader nosewheelie. Run two: barspin-to-tailwhip, triple-tailwhip, double-truck. Run three: double-tailwhip, huge frontflip, double-truck.

Check out the complete results below and the gallery for the visuals (not sure why some of the thumbnails aren’t working, but the photos are there).
1. Daniel Sandoval ($5,000)
2. Pat Casey ($3,750)
3. TJ Ellis ($3,000)
4. Ricky Moseley ($2,500)
5. James Foster ($2,250)
6. Ryan Guettler ($2,000)
7. Todd Meyn ($1,750)
8. Rob Darden ($1,500)
9. Gary Young ($1,250)
10. Austin Coleman ($1,000)