The dirt course surrounds a monument downtown and is one of the cooler courses I’ve seen lately. Good looks to the crew for making a gnarly/rad course. Photo: Brady

We just arrived in San Francisco to cover the 2012 Toyota City Championships and pulled the camera out of the bag right away to catch some snaps of the barely finished dirt and street courses. The dirt course is pretty gnarly (see above and below) with some lips clocking in around the ten foot range and being far from a traditional six or eight pack. Things are bound to get wild in this contest and will certainly separate the men from the boys.

The street course is looking rad as well and is a San Francisco street riding wet dream, with a long, rectangular setup that lets riders hit replicas of the famous SF Hubba Hideout, followed by the China Banks, and finishing up on a bank to barrier from 3rd and Army. There are also a couple of other replica spots on the course, including another replica obstacle from 3rd and Army (flat ledges) and other random obstacles in the mix. Corey Martinez was one of the many riders singing the praises of the course and it looks like the first Dew Tour street contest is going to be one for the history books. Oh yeah, you can’t really beat the location–the street course sits across the street from SF’s City Hall–pretty cool.

We still haven’t made it over to street style yet, though have heard that the course is amazing. Drew Bezanson even offered up his spot in street style to teammate Brian Kachinsky, saying that the course was practically “made for him” with plenty of downhill drops, gaps to rails, and more. Keep an eye on the Ride BMX website in the near future for a preview of this course–it’s sure to be wild.