2012 San Francisco Dew Tour: Dirt Final Results/Gallery

The BMX Dirt Finals went down this evening in San Francisco and as expected with the massive course, held massive drama until the final run. When it was all said and done, BMX dirt master and legend Ryan Nyquist took home the top slot, putting together which myself and occasional Dew Tour judge Mark Flipowitz called half jokingly a “miracle run,” landing a backflip double barspin over the first set/hip, a 450 truckdriver over the long and low hip, and a 720 barspin on the final set. TJ Ellis, who had killed it all week long, was more consistent than anyone in the field and ended up taking second place–big ups to TJ for holding it down all weekend long. Also unforgettable was Colton Satterfield, who proved that he’s got massive moves to hold it down with the legends of the dirt circuit and laced some great runs under pressure to take home third place. Check full results and a full gallery of photos below to see the wildness that went down in San Francisco.

1. Ryan Nyquist 90.87
2. TJ Ellis 89.19
3. Colton Satterfield 89.13
4. Dennis Enarson 88.56
5. Kyle Baldock 88.31
6. Luke Parslow 87.56
7. Kevin Peraza 87.12
8. James Foster 86.75