2012 San Francisco Dew Tour: BMX Streetstyle Results/Gallery

The first ever BMX Streetstyle contest at the 2012 San Francisco Dew Tour just went down and at the end of the day, Garrett Reynolds took his second victory in SF, edging out Nike teammate Dennis Enarson and contest killer Scotty Cranmer for the top slot. The Streetstyle contest was extremely unique and got very good reviews from riders, the audience, and media alike–hopefully we see more fun and wild courses and events like this in the future. Check full results and a full gallery of images below!

1. Garrett Reynolds
2. Dennis Enarson
3. Scotty Cranmer
4. Corey Martinez
5. Dakota Roche
6. Chad Kerley
7. Josh Harrington
8. Gary Young
9. Ty Morrow
10. Greg Illingworth
11. Dave Thompson
12. Rob Wise
13. Sean Sexton
14. Vince Byron
15. Jeremiah Smith
16. Drew Bezanson