2010 SLC Dew Tour Vert Finals

Seriously, one of the best vert contests I’ve witnessed in a long time. Jamie Bestwick put together one of the best runs I’ve ever seen out of him…and that really means it was of epic porportions. From there, it was up to Kagy to outdo himself. A couple of flair double whips later and an attempt at the first ever barspin-to-no-handed flair, and this is what we’re left with…

This video is essentially a straight forward replay of the “super final.” It’s not my intention to snub the awesome riding of Vince Byron, John Parker, Zack Warden, and others, but the contest really lit up once the super final started…

Video clocks in at almost eight minutes, so be patient with the load time. Love ya!

**All annoying commentary is by the drunk dudes directly behind me, except for a couple of holy shit’s by yours truly, as I got amazed.