2010 Jomopro Final Results & Photo Gallery

That’s a wrap ladies and gentlemen… As the first major contest on U.S. soil this year, the 2010 Jomopro is officially over. Below we have some highlights, more than 50 photos, and the final results from each of the classes and disciplines. Look for the rest of the videos to drop in the next day or so…

The pro park finals kicked off today and was dedicated to Josh Perry. Josh not only won pro park last year, but he also took home a Harley-Davidson for winning best trick. If he would have been able to make it here this weekend he would have been pre-qualified to ride in the finals, but unfortunately Josh was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week. The tumor is said to be non-cancerous, but it will have to be removed so Josh was stuck at home wondering what he was missing out on. We were all sending positive thoughts to Josh and wished he could have been here…

After things got underway everyone rode awesome, but Drew Bezanson was on a different level. Watching Drew ride at the last three contests (Simpel Session, Toronto Jam, and Jomopro) has almost felt like when Jamie Bestwick takes center stage at a vert contest…everyone knows he’s going to put on an amazing show, and he always delivers and comes out on top. Simply put, the year truly is Drew-thousand ten. His trick of the day was an icepick on top of a support beam several feet above a wallride along with double whip from the spine to the step up.

Right after pro park finished the best trick contest started and the first rider to hit the course pulled his trick first try and ended up winning the whole damn thing and a brand new Harley-Davidson. (Chris Hughes with a body varial over the box jump.) Rob Armour ended up pulling a nothing to tailwhip, and Morgan Wade came insanely close to landing a giant pocket air flair. Unfortunately Hungary’s Bazsi Ivanfi crashed hard on an attempted cross-footed 180 flip to fakie over the spine and had to get several stitches above his eye.

Once the 30 minute clock for best trick was over the party moved to the flatland area where 12 riders went head to head in battles for their piece of the $10,000 pro purse. The final battle was epic—the ultimate old school versus new school contest. Flatland legend and icon Trevor Meyer showed up and competed for the first time in seven years, qualified third, and made it to the final battle where he had to ride against new school phenom Matthias Dandois. Trevor was super consistent, but his tricks just weren’t as difficult as Matthias’. After both riders put on an amazing show for the crowd, the judges deemed Matthias as the winner.

All photos by Fat.

Best Trick Winner:
Chris Hughes – Body varial over the box jump in the bowl.

Best Trick Winner: Chris Hughes

2010 Jomopro Pro Park Final Results:
1. Drew Bezanson
2. Dan Norvell
3. Brett Banasiewicz
4. Seth Klinger
5. Kelly Bolton
6. Pat Casey
7. Joe West
8.  Brandon Dosch
9. Chris Hughes
10. Ben Voyles
11. Trey Jones
12. Zach Warden
13. Ricky Moseley
14. Blake Lamb
15. Bazsi Ivanfi
16. Jeff Sadler
17. Bryant Shepherd
18. Brian Stewart

Pro Park Podium: Dan Norvell, Drew Bezanson, Brett Banasiewicz

2010 Jomopro Pro Flatland Final Results:
1. Matthias Dandois
2. Trevor Meyer
3. Shintaro Misawa
4. Matt Wilhelm
5. Terry Adams
6. Yohei “Uchie” Uchino
7. Viki Gomez
8. Alex Jumelin
9. Dane Beardsley
10. Chad Johnston
11. Effraim Catlow
12. Jean-Wililam Prevost
13. Bo Wade
14. Aaron Frost
15. Joe Miller

Pro Flatland Podium: Trevor Meyer, Matthias Dandois, Shintaro Misawa

2010 Jomopro Expert Park Final Results:
1. Broc Raiford
2. Eric Jacobs
3. Sam Bussell
4. Eric Favot
5. Dusty Colyer
6. Nick Garee
7. Dan Nielsen
8. Travis McCray
9. Reggie Runion
10. Brandon Smeltzer
11. Andrew Bailey
12. Tyler Nowicki
13. Riley Guest
14. Matt Walli
15. Damon Sampy

Expert Park Podium: Eric Jacobs, Broc Raiford, & Sam Bussell

2010 Jomopro Master Flatland Final Results:
1. Jody Temple
2. George Vasquez
3. Isiah Jordan
4. Percy Marshall
5. Tyler Gilliard
6. John Dowker
7. Lachlan Cameron
8. Alex Poirier
9. Diego Tejada
10. Adam Diclaudio
11. Kenny Boucher
12. Prasheel Gopal
13. Ryan Russell
14. Todd Gulley
15. Mitch Hall
16. Koit
17. Ron Monis
18. Eric Wright

Master Flatland Podium: George Vasquez, Jody Temple, Isiah Jordan

2010 Jomopro Expert Flatland Final Results:
1. Bryan Huffman
2. Johnathon Tamayo
3. Kelly Baldwin
4. Lee “Huck” Edwards
5. Marty Clark
6. Joel Blatnicky
7. Alex Johnson
8. Omari Cato
9. Larry Grinder
10. Hector Garcia
11. Roy Deguzman
12. Austin Luberda
13. Steve Lapsley
14. Alexix LaGrassa

Expert Flatland Podium: Johnathon Tamayo, Bryan Huffman, & Kelly Baldwin

2010 Jomopro Veteran Flatland Final Results:
1. Tony Strickler
2. Claude Hickman
3. Dangus
4. Mark Dandridge
5. Mike Porter
6. Jeff Brown
7. Danny Harrison

Veteran Flatland Podium: Claude Hickman, Tony Strickler, & Dangus

2010 Jomopro Intermediate Park Final Results:
1. Jimmy Smith
2. Mathew Houck
3. Lantz Hare
4. Tanner Watson
5. Lucas Woodley
6. John Battreal
7. Alex Deane
8. Larry Kumm
9. Brice Long
10. Josh Stewart

Intermediate Park Podium: Mathew Houck, Jimmy Smith, & Lantz Hare

2010 Jomopro Intermediate Flatland Final Results:
1. Jim McKay
2. Lalo Jimenez
3. Fat Tony
4. Cody Ward
5. Mark Dandridge
6. Lea Dobrowski
7. Tyler Davis
8. Joey Felix

Intermediate Flatland Podium: Fat Tony, (not pictured) Lalo Jimenez, & Jim McKay

2010 Jomopro Girl’s Park Final Results:
1. Nina Buitrago
2. Laren Vellucci
3. Jessica Ausec
4. Natalie Wade
5. Angie Marino
6. Lindsay Hale
7. Mandi Ward
8. Robyn Wornoff
8. Heather Scully
9. Eran Graham
10. Mo Malone
11. Rebecca Ramon

Girl's Podium: Lauren Velluchi, Nina Buitrago, & Jessic Ausec