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Jordan Capece – Let Down
There is absolutely nothing special about the park that Jordan Capece is riding in here....
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Dorian Coleman – Spring 2014
Dorian Coleman’s bars are so hot that he has no choice other than to spin them...
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Jula Raul Welcome to Vans Romania
This is not your typical edit, its pretty b-roll heavy and I think one line might have...
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Reminiscence – Chris Faix
This one starts off with a fair bit of talking, but when you get past that some serious...
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Animal – Mark Gralla 2014
Here’s a quick one from Animal featuring Mark Gralla laying down a line at a spot...
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Karl Feix at Bass’s Rec
Karl Feix has no problem pulling some really solid clips out of Derby’s Bass’s...
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Vince Imel – Banger Season
Vince Imel just keeps getting better with each new edit he puts out!  
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Björn “Bommel” Mager – Tailwhip Gap
This looks like one of the least fun ways to spend time on you...
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Frédéric Schild 2013-2014 Video
Frédéric Schild spent the better part of this year and last collecting these clips...
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Max Gaertig’s – “Grindhouse Terror” Full Video
Max Gaertig uploaded the sequel to his...
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Someone please dial this dude’s brakes in! “Another few...
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Paul Langlands – Local Dirt
Things Paul Langlands does well; 360s, whips, flip whips, and general dirt jumping...
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Shaun Davies Spring 2014
This Shaun Davies edit starts out decent but ends with a huge 360 that I did not see...
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Vagabond X Jamie Barnhart
Jamie Barnhart has some interesting ledge combos in this but also isn’t afraid to hit...
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Jordan Reid 2014
Smooth all the way through, particularly that line at 1:20 and the ice hard. “Some footage i have...
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Jérémy Chosson – Welcome to the Team EightyFour Bmx
Jérémy Chosson is now doing it up for EightyFour BMX and...
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