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Jula Raul Welcome to Vans Romania
This is not your typical edit, its pretty b-roll heavy and I think one line might have...
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Reminiscence – Chris Faix
This one starts off with a fair bit of talking, but when you get past that some serious...
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A Day At The Lumberyard With Jake Ortiz & Tony Archibeque
Once you get passed the fact that this edit looks like it...
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Fluxcam Edit
Pat Quinn put together this edit of the A-Town Trash crew for Butcher’s The Block BMX Shop. Lots of...
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Simone Barraco – Strada Tires
Simone is a damn machine. Here’s two minutes of straight heat from Simone and...
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Argentina Street Jam
Damn, this is awesome. Hundreds of riders literally screaming at the top of their lungs on the...
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Van Homan on X Games Austin
Van chimes in on X Games moving to Austin, Texas, with nothing but good words about the...
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Thailand – Raphael Jeroma-Williams
Thailand is one of the craziest places I’ve ever been. It’s hot,...
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FIT T/A Tire Promo
Dan Conway sits down and runs ya through the specs of the new Fit T/A Tire while he and Morgan Long...
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Jiří Blábol – Birthday edit
Jiří Blábol celebrates his 16th birthday by going out and filming a solid street...
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Avsnitt 46 – Youth Street Session
If this is the younger scene in Stockholm then the future of street riding there...
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Delayedit 3
Theres a lot of cool spot oriented riding by Damian Racut, Zack Gerber, and crew in this but, the banger...
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How Not To Feeble Grind
A follow up to the How Not To Backflip, we have the perfect example of what not to do when...
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Animal – Mark Gralla 2014
Here’s a quick one from Animal featuring Mark Gralla laying down a line at a spot...
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Karl Feix at Bass’s Rec
Karl Feix has no problem pulling some really solid clips out of Derby’s Bass’s...
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Vince Imel – Banger Season
Vince Imel just keeps getting better with each new edit he puts out!  
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