I’m 16/m BMX us my life. It has kept me away from drugs.

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Favorite Video Songs
Besides the riding, I think the music is what can make or break a video. Some people my think that...
Book Review: Fast Food Nation
Wind, water, and fire are three natural forces that can be incredibly strong; they've...
Portland Transplants
Perfect riding weather year round, plenty of good street spots, and the majority of the BMX...
Ian Morris Bike Check
Ian came up with a crazy section in Etnies' "Forward." See the machine he did it on inside.
Gary Young Bike Check
Gary took fifth place in Pro street at this year's X Games. He's someone that you'll be seeing a...
What are the Chances?
Jeff Z. travels around the country in search of the newest issue of Ride. 07/23/2002
Will Taubin Bike Check
Click here to see how this Brooklyn rider sets up his bike.
Brendon Watson Bike Check
Check out the custom set up that Ells had made for his son.
Where Have All the Heavy Weights Gone?
Jeff Z. asks the question, "What happened to the days of 'built like a tank'...
JFK Plaza “Temporarily” Closed
The end of love park. 04/30/2002
Mark Gonzalez Bike Check
Check inside to see The Gonz's ride.
Smoker Dave Bike Check
Check inside to see Dave Schilling's Arizona assault vehicle.
Tom and Jerry
Jeff Z. talks about the hassles of street photo shoots. 03/29/2002
Animal Video Premier
The Animal Video kept the crowd so hyped that it scared the bar owners into shutting down the...
Axel Jergens Gets Broke Off
MacNeil's newest rider has been set back for a year. Check inside for more. 07/05/2001