China Invitational Vert Contest Results & Photos


Trick by trick, here’s what went down.

(There may be a few airs missing and there’s definitely a few opposites that aren’t labeled)

Zack Warden

Run 1: toboggan, no-hander, x-up-to-turndown, one-handed x-up, invert, tailwhip, barspin-to-x-up, downside tailwhip, double tailwhip

Run 2: tabletop, one-handed tabletop, x-up, toboggan, tailwhip, one-handed x-up, x-up, no-hander, invert, turndown, x-up, handplant (crashed)


Kevin Robinson

Run 1: x-up, no-handed flair, no-hander, superman, 540 tabletop (crashed)

Run 2: x-up, no-handed flair, no-hander, can-can, flair, no-hander, alley-oop 540, no-hander, can-can, one-handed one-footed flair, opposite flair, superman


Dennis McCoy

Run 1: tabletop, can-can, 540, barspin-to-x-up, can-can lookback, tabletop, candybar, barspin, flair, barspin 540

Run 2: tabletop, can-can, 540, barspin 540, candybar, barspin-to-x-up, tabletop, flair, barspin-to-no-footer, alley-oop 540


Jimmy Walker

Run 1: x-up-to-x-up, x-up-to-turndown, no-hander-to-turndown, one-footed tabletop, barspin, toboggan, flair, seatgrab invert, 540, barspin, 540 tabletop, opposite one-footed tabletop, flair, barspin 540

Run 2: seatgrab, seatgrab x-up, no-hander, one-footed tabletop, x-up-to-invert, flair, barspin, 540, no-handed 540, flair, opposite flair, tailwhip


Simon Tabron

Run 1: tire-grab, no-handed 540-to-barspin, x-up, can-can x-up 540, turndown flair, one-hander, 900

Run 2: tire-grab, can-can lookback, invert, 540 tabletop, 900 (crashed)


Chad Kagy

Run 1: flair, no-hander, seatgrab Indian air, x-up, flair tailwhip, one-handed x-up, barspin-to-x-up, turndown, turndown, tailwhip, one-handed x-up flair (crashed)

Run 2: barspin-to-x-up, barspin-totailwhip, flair, x-up, tailwhip flair, one-hander one footer, turndown, no-hander, one-handed x-up, one-handed x-up flair


Steve McCann

Run 1: double tailwhip, alley-oop one-hander, flair, barspin, x-up, triple tailwhip, no-handed flair, barspin, x-up, turndown flair, 540 tailwhip

Run 2: double tailwhip, no-hander, alley-oop one-handed tabletop, barspin-to-x-up, flair, superman seatgrab, no-handed flair, barspin-to-barspin, tailwhip-to-x-up, can-can, candybar


Jamie Bestwick

Run 1: no-hander, one-handed one footer, invert, flair, downside tailwhip, superman seatgrab, turndown flair, barspin, 540 tabletop, tailwhip, downside tailwhip, flair, opposite flair (crashed)

Run 2:  no-hander, alley-oop downside tailwhip, superman seatgrab, superman, tailwhip, tailwhip flair, no-hander, downside tailwhip, 540 tabletop, flair, barspin, barspin 540, fastplant flair, flair, opposite flair